Micaela Oliveira is a determined woman, holder of an unquestionable grit and an impetuous passion for her job.

She was born on May 6, 1977 in Trofa, where she created her first roots and where it's possible to find her studio. She grew up among fabrics and molds, which enabled her to discover an aptitude that, structured along with study, work and dedication, became a talent.

Involved in countless projects, with lines ranging from prêt-à-porter à haute couture, the centerpiece of her work is nuptial fashion. She has spent twenty years of a career based on dedication, in which each piece has love, sophistication and refinement, culminating in an irrefutable legacy that allowed the internationalization of her brand.

Her work is characterized by a dynamic balance between elegance and audacity, in which the details gain prominence and mark the difference. With extremely feminine lines, where sensuality and delicacy are combined in a pact of irreproachable charm, Micaela Oliveira fits the taste in world trends.

It has the unique ability to understand the pretensions of every woman and, through her art, personifies dresses, making wishes come true. For her it is essential that the pieces reflect personality, evoke magic and contain stories that are forever remembered.

Eternal dreamer and of creative nature, Micaela Oliveira is a daring entrepreneur who lives the present intensely and idealizes a future with the undoubted certainty that much is still to be created ...



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